Teucrium Betonicum

Teucrium betonicum (Madeira Germander) - a small evergreen shrub to 3-4 feet tall when in flower and spreading just a bit wider to form a rounded dome of color. It has lightly aromatic sage-green 3 inch long narrow heart-shaped leaves that are scallop-edged and hoary on the undersides.

Sonchus Fruticosus

fruticosus is a vigorous, tender, evergreen subshrub forming erect, palm-like, grey-green stems, each bearing a rosette of large, lance-shaped, lobed, glossy, mid-green leaves and open, branching clusters of yellow flower heads in summer.

Phlomis Purpurea

Phlomis purpurea (Purple Phlomis) – A sprawling shrub that grows 4-6 feet tall by as wide with upright stems bearing woolly, medium gray-green leaves and lavender flowers in whorls that rise just above the foliage throughout the year with a peak bloom in late spring.

Melanoselinum Decipiens

An impressive monocarp with large evergreen, angelica-like leaves held on curiously nodded stems. Makes an impressive foliage plant before flowering with pink umbels in the spring. Dramatic in many ways including a superb winter skeleton on flowered plants.

Geranium Maderense

maderense is a robust but short-lived evergreen perennial or biennial to 1.5m, with attractively dissected leaves to 20cm in length and large panicles of purplish-pink flowers 4cm across, with darker centres.

Geranium Palmatum

Geranium palmatum, commonly called Canary Island geranium, is a biennial or short-lived perennial that is native to sunny areas in the Canary Islands and Madeira. Basal rosettes of five-lobed strongly dissected dark green leaves are attractive throughout the growing season.

Echium Candicans

Echium candicans known as the 'Pride of Madeira' in its native Madeira is a beautiful short lived shrub producing amazing spikes of pale blue flowers up to 60cm long from late spring into summer. ... It forms a multi-stemmed small shrub up to around 1.20cm high and can produce 8 or more flower spikes a year.

Catananche Caerulea

Catananche caerulea, Cupid's dart, is a greyish green perennial herbaceous plant with a basal leaf rosette and conspicuous blue-purple or sometimes white flowerheads, belonging to the daisy family. It is a popular garden plant and is often used in dried flower arrangements. It is native to the Mediterranean region.