Isoplexis Canariensis

Individuals of these species are small, evergreen plants growing into rounded shrubs up to 150 cm tall. The plant has lanceolate-ovoid leaves with toothed margins. The leaves are spirally arranged.

Erysimum Scoparium

Erysimum scoparium is a small shrubby perennial plant. It has stiff, linear to slightly pointed leaves. The flowers are arranged on upright stems. They darken to a purplish colour as they mature.

Echium Webbii

E. webbii is a tender, bushy, rounded, evergreen sub-shrub, often grown as a biennial or perennial, with upright stems bearing lance-shaped, hairy, dark grey-green leaves and, from spring into summer, dense, spike-like panicles of blue flowers with prominent, pink stamens.

Echium Candicans

Echium candicans known as the 'Pride of Madeira' in its native Madeira is a beautiful short lived shrub producing amazing spikes of pale blue flowers up to 60cm long from late spring into summer. ... It forms a multi-stemmed small shrub up to around 1.20cm high and can produce 8 or more flower spikes a year.

cytisus racemosus

The Cytisus Racemosus is a hybrid, evergreen shrub with light green trifoliate leaves and fragrant bright yellow flowers. It is collected in long racemes making this the perfect plant for stunning bright yellow flowers in May.